The Founder of the college
Dr Isaac Golden
Ph.D, D.Hom. , N.D. , B.Ec(Hon) 

Isaac is one of Australia’s most experienced homoeopathic practitioners, lecturers and authors. He is the founder and principal of the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy which offers an accredited professional correspondence course in Homoeopathy. He was President of the Victorian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association from 1992-1998. On 13th March, 1999, Isaac was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Australian Homoeopathic Association “in recognition of his many years of service to the Australian Homoeopathic Association and for his significant contribution to the homoeopathic profession in Australia. He was awarded his Doctorate in 2004 following four years of research through the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. This is the first time a mainstream University in Australia has granted such a high award for research into homoeopathic disease prevention. From 2008 to 2012 he was Head of School then Business Manager Academic at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. He was appointed Honorary Research Fellow, School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ballarat in 2013.

He is the author of ten books on homoeopathy, and is an internationally recognised authority on homoeoprophylaxis. He has lectured extensively throughout Australia on this topic, and has made regular media appearances.  He has also conducted seminars internationally in the New Zealand, UK, Holland, Denmark, Cuba and Canada.

Isaac specialises in constitutional and anti-miasmic (chronic disease) treatment, and the treatment of past traumas which often lie behind chronic physical conditions. He consults from his clinic in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia.

Books written and published by Isaac Golden:  
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The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homœoprophylaxis: A Practical Handbook of Homeopathic Immunisation (2012)
Homœoprophylaxis has been part of mainstream homeopathy since 1798, but its use remains controversial. Its history and evidentiary base is frequently misunderstood. This book aims to provide homeopaths, as well as practitioners of any modality and students with a complete grounding in the topic. It contains comprehensive instructions how to implement both short-term and long-term HP programs, a thorough presentation of the evidentiary base of HP as well as an in-depth discussion of its philosophical underpinnings. This is the most comprehensive resource currently available internationally on the challenging topic of homeopathic immunisation. It is the accepted reference work on this topic. Whilst it is a practitioner’s manual, parents who want to thoroughly research every aspect of homœoprophylaxis would find the material accessible, even if challenging. It includes all the responses from parents who used my HP program from 1986 to 2004 reporting reactions to the program plus the general effect of using the program on their children.
$44.00 plus p&p (local $9.00, overseas $19.00)

Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives. 7th edition, 2010.
This is a complete rewrite of the 6th edition, to improve readability, with updating of references in all sections. A new Section on the massive Cuban HP intervention has been added. Examines the risks and benefits of vaccination, with a full discussion of the homoeopathic alternative. Includes details of Isaac’s research over 25 years, including his Doctoral studies, and the history of the homoeopathic alternative. The main reference book for parents and practitioners researching the area for the first time. A4 size, 262 pages
$44.00 plus p&p (local $9.00, overseas $19.00)

Vaccine Damaged Children: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons. 2008 (2010 reprint).
This book examines what is possibly the most unrecognised public health problem in our community; the long-term impact of vaccination on the general health of children and adults. The book provides data which proves that vaccines cause damage, and shows the findings of Isaac’s new “reverse” research quantifying the symptoms caused by specific vaccines. The homoeopathic treatment of vaccine damage is described in detail, including cases of both long and short term treatment. This is a book for practitioners of all modalities, but especially for homoeopaths. It is also a book for parents, and an Appendix introducing homoeopathic method is provided.
$26.00 plus p&p (local $7.00, overseas, add $15.00)

Homoeoprophylaxis – A Practical and Philosophical Review. 4th edition. 2007.
Examines the philosophical and practical arguments for and against homoeoprophylaxis.  A5 size $13.00 plus p&p (local $5.00, overseas $10.00).

Homoeoprophylaxis – A Fifteen Year Clinical Study. 2005
The analysis of 2,304 responses from parents whose children use my hompro. kit. A4 size report. $25.00 plus p&p (local $7.00, overseas $15.00).

Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber – Part 1 -Treatment of Simple Everyday Conditions. 3rd edition. 2007.  A very simple, uncomplicated prescriber for parents. A5 size
$9.00 plus p&p (local $5.00, overseas $10.00).

Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber – Part 2 – A Simple Materia Medica of Common Remedies with Repertory. 2001.  An easy to read materia medica of common first-aid remedies with a very simple, uncomplicated Repertory. Easy to use. A5 size  $11.00 plus p&p (local $5.00, overseas $10.00).

Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber – Part 3 – A Simple Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine. 2006. A very simple, uncomplicated explanation of homoeopathy for parents, with guidance on remedy selection, potency, dose, and how to prescribe. A5 size.   $8.00 plus p&p (local $5.00, overseas $10.00).

Homoeopathic Body-System Prescribing – A Practical Workbook of Sector Remedies.  2nd edition, 2002.  Homoeopathic analysis of major diseases from every body system. A major re-write of the manual contains 10 new diseases, and substantially reworks 29 diseases which were in the 1st Edition. Many other minor corrections and additions have been made throughout. .
$53.00 plus p&p (local $10.00, overseas $22.00). A4 spiral bound, 420 pages.

Homoeopathic Treatment of the Energy Bodies – Traditional Strategies and New Developments. 2002. A unique book which integrates the healing paradigms of Theosophy and Homoeopathy, and examines the nature of the subtle energy bodies of man. The cause and cure of disease is discussed in these terms. Isaac introduces new equipment which makes a homoeopathic potency of the negative material in the energy bodies – called the Auric Replicator. A5 size
$17.00 plus p&p (local $5.00, overseas $12.00).

Correspondence Courses written and supervised by Dr Isaac Golden.

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  • Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy (now taught by the ACNM)
  • Intermediate Courses in Homoeopathic Medicine
  • Certificate in Homoeopathic Case Taking
  • Practitioner Certificate in Homoeopathy
  • An Introductory Course in Natural Medicine.  This three Tutorial course costing $155.00 introduces students to the use of herbal medicine, homoeopathy, flower essences, tissue salts, diet, and colour healing.  A simple, “how to do it” course. Please contact us for more details if you are interested.
  • On-line Internet Courses in Natural Medicine and HomoeopathyVisit our web site


The Complete Practitioner’s Course in Homœoprophylaxis

The aim of the course is to offer homœoprophylaxis (HP) as a tool for any practitioner who has patients/clients who are considering/researching or requesting an alternative to conventional vaccination – A complete packaged solution to offer homœoprophylaxis effectively and confidently.

Immunisation Options: A course for parents who care

This course is designed for parents who genuinely care about the health of their children, and who are prepared to take the time to carefully examine health options, and not just rely on being directed by health authorities.