Firstly, a huge thank you to those who completed the Survey, as well as to those of you who didn’t complete it but who emailed me to let me know this – as I said in my reminders, the “accounting” for people on my initial email list is always important in surveys like this. Unfortunately, only half of those on my list replied, and only a few of the practitioners using the remedies appeared to promote responses from their own patients  –  but that is research!! We still received over 1,900 responses.

The language on this public site must be very guarded, but I am sure you will understand the following summary.


  1. BUAU was very effective in treating the adverse effects of shedding of the spike protein from recently vaccinated people. Nearly 60% said it was highly effective, and only 5.5% said its effectiveness was low.
  2. BUAU also had been helpful for treating adverse effects from the vaccines – over 40% said highly effective and 20% low effectiveness.
  3. PF, AZ and MD were also helpful when treating adverse effects from the vaccines – around 15% said low effectiveness, over 50% said high.
  4. The estimate of the effectiveness of 2021VPN to prevent infection if exposed was more difficult to determine due to the number of responses – double the responses would have helped. Using two different calculation methods, the estimate ranged between 70% and 87%. A very positive result when compared to the pharmaceutical option. Most “failures” had relatively mild symptoms.
  5. As expected, the estimate of the ability of 2021VPN to prevent the effects of shedding was lower at around 60%.

So, in summary, the ability of BUAU to treat the negative effects of the spike protein was a strongly positive result, and the vaccine remedies definitely helped. Whilst nothing can guarantee protection, 2021VPN provided a positive level of protection with zero risk of toxic damage.

The next step will be the release of the actual data summary which will be in a password protected file on this page. I hope to do this before the end of January (but probably February) and will email the password to those who responded to my reminders. 

The third step will be the preparation and publishing of a complete report in a peer-reviewed journal, but that involves a lot of work and is months away. That will be available to everyone who is interested.

I intend to run another survey mid-year to analyse the effects of new remedies on new variants. I hope you will support the new survey.