Online Video Courses

For Practitioners


(1) All you wanted to know about practicing Homoeopathic Immunisation

Dr Golden has designed the world’s most comprehensive course guiding practitioners how to provide homoeoprophylaxis programs in their clinics. It is based on the latest international research evidence plus his own experience over 30 years of providing HP to parents. For full details of this complete 12 Session course Click here.

There is also a FREE five day online course is created for Practitioners who are evaluating their options on using HP for their patients and want some questions answered before signing up for the professional course. To join this course Click here.

(2) Treating vaccine damaged children

In a new course released in 2015, Dr Isaac Golden offers practitioners practical treatment protocols in how to treat vaccine damaged children. There is background research backed up with many case examples to illustrate what is involved in assessing whether a case is vaccine damaged, and then providing systematic relief through treatment strategies. For full details of this complete 13 session course Click here.

There is a free 3-part introductory tutorial to provide practitioners with a brief introduction to the course. Click here.

For Parents

1. Immunisation – Your Child Your Choice

The purpose of these FREE brief three day online lectures is to provide readers with factual information to assist in making an informed decision when it comes to immunisation choices and options.

2. Homeopathic Immunisation for Your Child

An online course of six lectures designed to provide parents with all the information needed to make an informed decision about homeopathic immunisation and its potential value for your child.

Other courses offered by Dr.Isaac Golden Education

Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy

Correspondence Courses in Homoeopathy and Natural Medicine currently offered by Dr Isaac Golden:

Introduction to Natural Medicine
Intermediate Course in Homoeopathic Medicine
Certificate in Homoeopathic Case Taking
Practitioner Certificate in Homoeopathy

Homeopathic International Online College

Basic courses for people anywhere in the world, unable to access books. These courses use e-books, which are provided. The courses available are:

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HPSC1 – Homoeopathic Prescribing for Simple Conditions
INM2 – Introduction to Natural Medicine
BHCA3 – Basic Homoeopathic Case Analysis
AHCA4 – Advanced Homoeopathic Case Analysis

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