Introduction to the courses offered by the College

The Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy was founded by Dr Isaac Golden in 1990 for the purpose of providing a rigorous distance education course to train homoeopathic practitioners. At that time, Isaac was Faculty Head of homoeopathy at the Melbourne College of Homoeopathy, and realised that aspiring students who could not attend Colleges in capital cities were being denied the opportunity to become professional homoeopaths.

Isaac soon realised that the professional course was much too demanding for people who just wished to prescribe for simple conditions at home, and so he wrote the Intermediate Course in homoeopathy to meet this need. He also wrote the Introduction to Natural Medicine Course for people who had a general interest in a range of natural therapies, including Bach Flowers, Tissue Salts, dietary solutions, and so on.

The gap between the professional course and the Intermediate Course was significant, so two other courses, the Certificate in Homoeopathic Case Taking, and the Practitioner Certificate in Homoeopathy were made available.

Later still, the ACHH offered correspondence courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Diagnosing Disease, and Biochemistry for students requiring professional accreditation.

In February 2008, Isaac sold the rights to his Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy course to the Australian College of Natural Medicine, but the other courses are still available, offering a graduated range of education in natural medicine and especially in homoeopathic medicine for mums and dads, through to practitioners in other modalities who would like to acquire sound, practical homoeopathic knowledge.

Full details are available by clicking on the “courses” button above. Some information about the founder, how to contact us, and a return to our main home page (which links to Isaac’s publications, research on homoeopathic immunisation, and clinic), can be accessed by using the other buttons.

IMPORTANT CHANGE:  As from 1/1/2022, Isaac will be handing over the running of the Correspondence Courses to his daughter Leiah Golden who is now an experienced homeopath. Leiah will of course be able to call on Isaac for input if ever needed. Please contact Leiah directly at for more information, or to enrol in a correspondence course.