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An Invitation to participate in two international surveys of homeopathic practitioners – NOW COMPLETED



This is an invitation to participate in research that aims to quantify homeopathic practitioners’ attitudes towards, and use of homoeoprophylaxis (HP – homeopathic immunisation).

SURVEY 1: The first practitioner questionnaire is now active until 30th December 2014.

Please log onto the following site no later than 30/12/2014:

This first survey identified 6 different positions which practitioners can take regarding the prevention of potentially serious infectious diseases, as well as information about practitioner use of HP as well as their knowledge of Hahnemann’s use of HP. We have kept this survey open until 30/12/14 to collect even more responses.

This generated useful information highlighting differences between countries, and even between different associations within the same countries, but it also raised more questions that needed answers. This in turn led to the second survey.

Of course, if you have already responded to the first survey, our thanks, but please don’t respond again.

SURVEY 2: The second practitioner questionnaire is now active until 30th December 2014.

Please log onto the following site no later than 30/12/2014: 

This second survey, which uses a more direct method of collecting information, asks questions such as should we use nosodes or genus epidemicus remedies, should we use HP at any time or only if there is a local outbreak, should we mix vaccination and HP, and so on.

Note that the results of these surveys have been published in Homeopathic Links Journal, and other journals once accepted.